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Welcome to the new and improved! We have decided to pare down our proverbial offerings and instead list and sell e-cigarettes on our classifieds. We carry all brands such as bluecig, V2, Vapor Fi and many others. From time to time we will also feature various promos and discounts to V2 cigs. Such sites as carry the latest news and coupons for the manufacturer. Being that these classifieds are on a private server (due to cheap cost of the items) we feel that it is necessary to help the consumer understand what the whole e-cigarette craze is about.


eliquid (of “e-juice”) is a liquid that comes in a capsule. This capsule is inserted into the mechanical device. When power is applied to it, the liquid heats up and produces a vapor that contains flavor and nicotine. There are hundreds of flavors available and the amount of nicotine in the flavors varies greatly. Depending on how often you use it, it can last for a few days or a few weeks. It is always wise to keep extra on hand in case you run out, as most people do not live in an area where the liquid is sold over the counter. They have to order it online and wait for it to be shipped to their house.

What are cartomizers and atomizers?

They are different mechanisms that are used to deliver the vapor. An atomizer uses a wick inside that delivers a known amount of liquid to be burned over the coils. The benefits to this sytem is that you get an exact dose every time that you use it. The downside is that you cannot see how much is left and sometimes you get the “burnt taste” which means your device has run out. A cartomizer is usually found on older devices and are generally meant for one-time use. They are not in much use anymore. If you get a clearomizer then you can see exactly how much juice is left in the device. The other added benefit to this is that each device can be interchanged with tanks of varying size, thereby giving you a bigger refill and lengthening the time it takes before you have to refill the device entirely.

Is it wise to sign up for free e-cigs, such as Vapex?

We would strongly recommend you stay away from companies like this. We have heard many horror stories on how people have not gotten their money back after the so called “free trial”. A quick internet search will show many dissatisfied customers. Instead, stick to the main trusted brands such as V2 cigs and bluecig. If you must sign up for a free trial, be sure you read the fine print as this is where they usually get you.

Where can I list my ecigarette for sale?

We are taking reservations now for the classifieds. We are manually reviewing each and every classified in order to ensure that we weed out the people who are not serious about trading and selling eCig paraphernalia. Send us a message via the contact form and let us know what you have for sale or trade. We also require you to provide your phone number so one of our workers can call to confirm your information is valid. If everything checks out, we will be posting your classified. This is a national site and we do not have the resources to go hyper local. So you might need to ship your items cross country. As of now, we are only listing for America and Canada, but have plans to include the UK and Europe in the coming months.