Online Dating Coupons and Advice

Welcome to the new and improved! We have decided to pare down our proverbial offerings and instead list and offer coupon codes to the various online dating sites, such as eHarmony, and

eHarmony Promo codes?

Yes, we carry those! We are friends with several sites that offer discounts to They update their discounts on a weekly basis so that you’re getting the best deal possible. There are many to choose from, such as a 3 month or 6 month promotional code to eHarmony, or the ever popular free communication weekend.

What are coupons?

Simply put, they are a ways and means of getting a discount when you make a purchase online. You need to copy it down, and then when you’re about to pay, enter in the code in the box provided. The total amount offered by the code will vary between website to website. Generally speaking, it’s upwards of 40% off in some cases. Other times you get free shipping or even a free personality profile.

Is it wise to sign up for eHarmony without a promotional code?

No! Take full advantage of every single discount that they offer. Even for returning members, you need to stay vigilant and keep yourself updated on which promotions they are running. The promos change from month to month. Sometimes it’s a small monetary savings, other times it’s pretty big. The best advice that we can give is that if you can wait for Memorial Day or Labor Day, those are usually the two biggest times for saving money. Most of the time, they offer a free communication weekend that coincides with various holidays in the USA.

Where can I list my eHarmony promo code that I received in the mail?

Send us an email and we will post the code immediately. There are multiple codes floating around out there. Sometimes returning members get the email right after their subscription expires. Other times you will see them on websites that are devoted to women’s issues. It really depends on which demographic the advertising department is trying to target. When you’re in line at the supermarket, try browsing the magazines to the side. Sometimes they take out full page advertisements and list one-time use codes in there as well.


If you’re looking for love, there is no better online dating website than eHarmony. doesn’t even come close with regards to the matchmaking algorithm they employ to ensure that their members are being matched up with the person whom they are most compatible with. We strongly urge you to take your time and don’t rush anything when you sign up. The process works.